Chilliwack Adventist Christian School

CACS reflects Jesus by: loving, serving, and being thoughtful

CACS History

The Chilliwack Seventh-day Adventist Church operated a church school in the basement of the church on Riverside Drive starting in 1947. In 1971, the Chilliwack church became a constituent of the Fraser Valley Adventist Academy then located in Langley.  In 1972, Fraser Valley Adventist Academy moved to Aldergrove and all students were bussed to that location.


At the beginning of the 1982-1983 school year, the Chilliwack Church School became a satellite school of Fraser Valley Adventist Academy, operating in a new building identified as the Nu-Life Centre. In 1987, the operation of Chilliwack Adventist School (formerly known as Riverside Adventist School) became that of the Chilliwack Seventh-day Adventist Church.


In 1993, the Church purchased from the Chilliwack School District, a four-classroom school building situated on nearly four acres of land on Fairfield Island. Chilliwack Adventist School continued to operate at this location until 1998. The Fairfield Island property was sold in the year 2000, and the funds were invested for future Adventist education in Chilliwack.


In the spring of 2004, it was learned that Hope Adventist School in Hope was facing closure at the end of the school year. Through much prayer, deliberation, and hard work, the members of the Chilliwack SDA Church, in collaboration with Mt. Hope SDA Church and the BC Conference, voted to move Hope Adventist Christian School, its Principal, and some of its students to the Nu-Life Centre in Chilliwack. Hope Adventist Christian School (Chilliwack location) opened its doors in 2004. Two years later, the name was changed to Chilliwack Adventist Christian School to reduce confusion as to its location.